Learning goals and coffee: the importance of clear objectives to understand how to achieve anything May 25, 2021 Blog Define your goals; it is important to have clear milestones to pursue.  Goals, both personal or professional, is a universal feature in our lives. Without goals, from whether concrete, abstract, materialistic, or noble, actions seem to lose their meaning. Throughout… Keep Reading
Creative thinking: a life skill to face types of cognitive pragmatism April 26, 2021 Blog We are facing a new world of youth and adolescents, relations are built through multiple digital connections that are yet nourished by individualism and solitude.  We cannot imagine today's society without technology, as it is rooted in the core of… Keep Reading
Do we learn better together or by ourselves? March 17, 2021 Blog How interactions with others can make a difference in your learning experience Anyone, while thinking about their own learning experience or reflecting on the experiences of those around them, would answer this question differently. Instinctively some would say "together!", or… Keep Reading
Relational and Emotional Life Skills from the Perspective of Individual Development March 4, 2021 Blog The importance of effective communication and awareness Today, it is rather enigmatic how various topics, ranging from medicine to economic, political and environmental aspects, are dissected into their most minute nuances. However, there is a tendency to neglect those variables… Keep Reading
Engagement and motivation: a correlation in the name of development December 18, 2020 Blog "Be the master of your learning”: this is the pedagogical premise that aims to counter the determinism that persists within the teaching. If we continue to embrace summative and mathematical evaluations, what would be the aims of individual formation? Probably… Keep Reading
Why continuous feedback from students to teachers is a win-win December 10, 2020 Blog Feedbacks are useful to rethink activities and improve the effects of our actions. For an effective teaching-and-learning process, it is important that feedbacks that are given by students and teachers work in both directions. A teacher enters a classroom and… Keep Reading
5 ways Wyblo can help you get through this academic year November 19, 2020 Blog Distance learning has been implemented in different ways in every educational institution but communication and relationships between teachers and students are under strain. Worldwide, universities, lecturers and students are facing a particularly difficult academic year. Distance learning has been implemented… Keep Reading
Distance Learning: getting where your eyes don’t October 22, 2020 Blog The social distancing needed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus is posing major challenges to the world of higher education. Wyblo is the platform that aims at shortening the distance between students and teachers, facilitating distance learning. Due to… Keep Reading

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