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Continuous Feedback

After each class (customizable), students receive a notification asking to provide feedback. They are required to answer 3 questions (80 seconds) which automatically and immediately update the dashboards on learning drivers available to institutions, professors and also students


professors and institutions can submit their customized surveys to students directly in the application, for instance, keep tracking their KPIs

Interactive polls

During the class, professors can send instant polls to their students to understand their thoughts about the ongoing lecture

Discussion section

An area to promote interaction between professors and students outside the class. There it is possible to make requests and ask for doubts as well as to endorse the ones of the others, this can happen either anonymously or not

Your user journey as a student


  1. You will receive a notification asking you to leave the feedback, these sessions are scheduled or unlocked by the professor. Don’t worry, all answers are anonymous!
  2. Give first a quick evaluation and decide which factors about the class you liked/disliked the most
  3. After that, you will be given three scientific validated questions randomly selected from our database. select the answer into which you recognize yourself.
    You are done already! All of this takes on average 80 seconds only. Our algorithms will do the rest and turn your inputs into graphics solutions.

  5. A good balance between the difficulty of the material and your current skills leads to a challenging situation. Whenever this balance is not achieved students may sense stress or boredom!
  6. Trust is another important pillar that we assess. Do you trust your professor as your educational leader?
  7. Here’s an overview of your pillars summarizing your learning experience. The green line shows you your learning path, the grey line stands for the average of the class. You will see trends changing overtime in the specifics.

Your user journey as a professor


  1. You can decide when to unlock the feedback session: they can be scheduled upfront and made automatic, according to your calendar or unlocked manually. Well, you are done already, just wait for our algorithms to do the rest of the work for you!

  3. Here’s an overview of the pillars summarizing the learning experience of your students as aggregate data.
  4. You will see the trends changing overtime when you zoom into the specifics.
  5. Creating a challenging situation means having a good balance between the difficulty of the material and your students’ skills. That is fundamental to keep them engaged and to avoid the risk of stress or boredom.
  6. This dedicated section will allow you to see all the feedback received and listed day by day.

Your admin view as an institution

  1. This section gives you an overview of your institute and also allows you to check all the different psychological parameters assessed through our algorithms. You can zoom in and out to check and compare different courses, departments and professors.
  2. Here is an example of an overview of single sessions of a specific professor.
  3. Our Flow-Trust parameters are assessed and easily displayed.
  4. Our eleven pillars of motivation displayed for institutes.
  5. Check your progress overtime! Support your courses to constantly provide a high-quality learning experience.

  7. As an administrator you can create your own customizable surveys. You can choose the recipients of your surveys selecting students, professors or even specific groups! All these surveys are entirely customizable.

If you manage corporate academies, professional training or short courses visit the corporate section.

What our users say about us

Irena Descubes

Executive MBA Program Manager

Like its application, the Wyblo team is truly innovative, customer-centred and constantly thriving to stay on the edge. They have robust expert knowledge boosted by their genuine entrepreneurial spirit.

Massimiliano Schiraldi

Professor in Industrial Systems Engineering and Operations Management

Feedback is determinant for teachers and we can see how much the lower interactivity in distance education compromises this key success factor for learning. Wyblo helps me in reconnecting with my students, adding pragmatic value to tele-learning.

Luca Gastaldi

Professor of Innovation

Professors like me, especially in times of blended learning and social distancing, need proper tools to engage their students during classes. Wyblo is among these tools. […] Using the service, I appreciated its helpfulness and I’m using it in all the courses in which I teach — both at bachelor and master of science degrees.

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