• General questions

    Why an app and not just a link to a form?
    How often is feedback collected?
    Who receives the dashboards? What do they see?
    What does Wyblo assess?
    What can people do with the data provided?
    I’d like a personalised consultation /product demonstration who should I contact?
    Are you compliant with GDPR?
    Is data shared with third parties for commercial reasons?
    Where is the data stored?
  • Questions for students

    Why should I use it?
  • Questions for professors

    Why should I use it?
    How do you collect feedback from students?
    Will students answer?
    Isn’t there the risk that professors feel to be continuously evaluated?
    Can we include our surveys in Wyblo?
    Can I access raw data from the class(es)?
  • Questions for institutions

    Why should I (project manager, dean, …) use it?
    What do program managers, directors, deans, … see?
    Is Wyblo suitable for small classes?
    Is Wyblo suitable for online courses?
    We already use other platforms to collect feedback, why should we use Wyblo?
    Is Wyblo complementary or supplementary to our organization surveys?
    How much does it take to set up and use it?
    How much does it cost?
  • Scientific background

    Who determined the system?
    How were the pillars (motivational drivers) determined?
    Do you have some academic research on this?
    Why do you collect feedback also for guest speakers?
    Why do you collect feedback also from post-exam?

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    Wyblo combines behavioural and data science to create personalised dashboards based on automated constructive feedback loops.

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