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General questions

By talking to several students, we realized that links sent by email are often perceived as spam or if not, they are forgotten and not answered. In addition, when students provide feedback and click on “send”, they usually do not receive anything back. Wyblo app provides a centralized platform where they can provide continuous feedback and find all the surveys created by professors and organizations all in one place. In addition, they receive personalized dashboards to self-reflect on their learning experience and compare with the rest of the class.
After each lecture or whenever needed. When professors register in the app, they can choose if they have a fixed or variable schedule. If they have a fixed schedule the notification to provide feedback will be sent out automatically to the students. If the professors want to be in control of when the students receive the notification or to have a variable schedule, they can unlock questions whenever they want.
Students can only see their answers and the average of the class. The professor can only see the average of the class and the individual feedback anonymized. The administration can see the aggregate of the class and all the courses they manage.

Wyblo assesses 11 motivational drivers which affect the students’ satisfaction and performance in the course. To read more about our framework, please visit THIS PAGE.

By understanding the major motivational drivers, you can drive decisions and improve students’ satisfaction in the course.

You can book a one to one session with us whenever it suits you best. BOOK IT.

Yes! We know how important this topic is for our customers, so we took the utmost care. To learn more about data and privacy, have a look at our PRIVACY POLICY.

No. We took the conscious decision not to share data for commercial reasons with private or public companies. Anonymized data will be shared on-demand to institutes of research and university departments (such as psychology, neuroscience, statistics, …) to enhance the value we can provide to our users.

Data is stored on AWS European servers as they are considered one of the safest platforms. They also comply with EUROPEAN GDPR.

Questions for students

Students can provide feedback that will affect their own learning and not only that of future students. They would stop receiving several emails asking for feedback. They would receive personalized dashboards showing their motivational drivers and trends benchmarked with the average of class so they can self-reflect on their learning journey and enhance their own experience.

Questions for professors

Professors would have a platform that tells them what is going well or what needs some more attention so that they can make their teaching more impactful. On the other hand, they can promote their quality of teaching with the organization and be noticed. Finally, by having the historical data of the entire course(s) they can plan the syllabus differently if necessary.

App > Notification > 80-second survey > done. At the end of each class, or whenever the professor finds it suitable, students receive a notification to provide feedback on the lecture. After a first assessment of the positive and negative factors the students liked or not and open feedback, they receive 3 multiple choice questions which are different from what you are used to seeing in surveys. We do not use Likert Scales (Agree vs Disagree) or ratings as for students it is difficult to understand what a number means for them and they can hardly be comparable as a number has a different meaning for different people; we use hypothetical statements in which they can recognize themselves, then our algorithm automatically generates all dashboards.

The platform was designed by students and behavioural scientists, which means that we understand what pushes students to provide feedback or not. So, we do our best to guarantee a high answer rate. We refrain from making the answers compulsory, however, if needed we can support that.

Wyblo provides continuous feedback to professors making them able to make changes (if needed ) to enhance the learning experience of their students. The current trend in the market is to move towards continuous improvement which is improved by assessing the motivational drivers that affect the learning and teaching experience. Traditional surveys, on the other hand, don’t allow professors to make changes during the semester, but only for future courses; this doesn’t incentivize students to answer as the feedback will not affect them.

Yes! You can create your own customized surveys or submit our ready-to-use templates to collect feedback on external guest speakers or after an exam. If you already have some surveys and want to include them on the platform, we can do that for you. No extra work required.

Yes! Anonymized data can be requested at info@wyblo.com. You can request only the data you manage on the platform. If you want to conduct research and need to get access to a broader amount of data, please inform us at the same email address, and we will assess together how to proceed.

Questions for institutions

The organization would have a centralized, structured, and constructive feedback loop and communication channel. By focusing on the motivation drivers, they can enhance the learning experience, which can be beneficial for marketing and business:

  • Satisfied students can talk about the course more positively so the NPS and WOM can increase which lead to more requests
  • Students and/or professors could post on social media the innovative platform that your institution is using to make their enhance their learning
  • The organization can promote the quality of instruction either internally within departments/programs or externally via the website, social media, and other marketing channels

Everyone sees what they need to see. We implemented a multi-level system that allows specific users to see only the programs/departments they manage. They are free to add collaborators, who will also have access to the platform. Users can grant access to other users and choose what to allow them to see.

Yes! Despite the common thinking that in small classes it is easier to understand if the students are engaged and satisfied, this is not true, it can be the right opposite. Basing the understanding of the class on subjective assumptions can lead to taking the wrong decisions. Edu Enhancement provides timely quantifiable insights which truly supports professors and program managers to drive decision and focus on what really counts: the learning experience of their students.

Absolutely yes! More and more courses are moved online. Now more than ever, organizations and professors need instruments to understand what students are going through and make the right decision at the right time.

Wyblo is not just a platform to collect feedback, but an interactive solution to put in place a 360-feedback-loop that helps the students throughout the semester and enhances the communication between students, professors, and the administration.

We understand universities have their established KPIs, so we can either be complementary to the traditional surveys conducted at the end of the semester, or we can integrate all existing surveys in our platform as we allow professors, and administration to create personalized surveys.

In 24h, you are ready to use the platform! We take care of setting up the platform, we just need to know what university/ departments/ programs/ courses want to use Wyblo. Then, professors and students can create their account in the app and join the class. If needed, we can implement the single-sign-on integration, for this request, please get in contact with INFO@WYBLO.COM.

We are conducting the beta testing and would like you to be one of the first pioneers innovating the learning experience. This is already valuable to us. The pilot testing is on us. To learn more, get in contact with INFO@WYBLO.COM.

Scientific background

We collaborated with a pool of psychologists, sociologists, pedagogists, and researchers to determine the best approach for an effective feedback system.

It all started with a thesis on the intrinsic and extrinsic factors influencing the performance of employees. From that point, and by listening to students from several institutions, we shifted the focus towards students’ learning performance and wellbeing. From the collaboration with behavioural scientists and professors from the US and top leading Universities, we came up with the 11 PILLARS OF MOTIVATION.

We have a dedicated PAGE explaining the research and papers supporting our framework. For additional information, please get in contact with INFO@WYBLO.COM.

We let the professors/organization choose if they want to submit the seedy-to-use template we provide. Feedback on guest speakers is also important to assess the effectiveness of that contribution toward the learning journey of the students.

We let the professors/organization choose if they want to submit the seedy-to-use template we provide. Feedback after an exam is important to assess the exam structure, and expectations from the students to understand if the exam had the right format and there was a good balance between the expectations of the students and the difficulty of the exam.

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