The all-in-one platform to
automate your course journey

The all-in-one platform to
automate your course journey



Automate any moment of the course journey, starting from the registration, pre-assessment and skill-gap forms, feedback during the course, and certifications. You can effortlessly collect accurate data about your trainees before, during, and after the course.



Manage the specifics of your courses, registrants, attendees, and trainers. Our system allows you to keep track of your partners, guests, and clients, all while guaranteeing an excellent training experience.



All the data collected is displayed through real-time dashboards to analyze and benchmark among different courses. Visualize individually or collectively any asset of your training to make data-driven decisions.

Solved by Wyblo

  • Time
  • Quality
  • Customization
  • Shared
  • Centralized

Save Time

Save up to 80% of your time by outsourcing your registration and evaluation management processes of your course.

Ensure Quality

Use accurate data from real-time feedback systems to improve the quality of your lessons and ensure an overall successful course.

Benefit from Customization

Tailor surveys for each of your evaluations to get the information you want and need.

Be Collaborative

Work with administrators, trainers, and trainees through their personalized and accessible dashboards.

Stay Centralized

Get all of your data in one platform; making it easy to analyze, set benchmarks, and compare different courses within your organization.



Get insights on your courses, including satisfaction, demographics, historic numbers of attendees, trainers, and companies.


Review information about the trainees’ skills, expectations, needs, feedback and learning outcomes.

Role Level

Share your dashboards with whoever you want (i.e. with your customers, representatives, colleagues, …)


Add and edit your courses; here you have all the important specifics of your training.


Collect and organize details about your trainees, trainers, guests, and companies here.


Manage and customize surveys in which you collect data from trainees to measure engagement, motivation, satisfaction and more.


Entertain your trainees during the core with customizable quizzes to inspire creativity and engagement.


Generate customizable certifications for trainees to certify skills and attendance.

Content Management

Organize and manage your courses’ content to centralize everything that you need in one place.


Integrate the video systems you already have (Zoom, Webex, Teams, Go To Webinar, …)

Our 4 Step Framework
To Ensure Quality

Prepare your course for success by outsourcing the administrative work, like registration, payment, and invoicing to us; allowing you to focus on personalizing your course for enrolled students. Using our pre-assessment survey you can determine your trainees' skill-gaps, needs, and goals to build an engaging and successful course.

Ensure your course is efficient and meets expectations through continuous feedback loops and/or gamified quizzes. Track real time satisfaction and engagement by sending quick surveys throughout the course or engage the trainees with quick and fun challenges, allowing you to measure efficacy through visualized data.

You can evaluate overall satisfaction of participants through a structured and accessible dashboard or directly test the trainees with a skill assessment. These dashboards also provide an overview of past and current courses, allowing you to easily compare satisfaction and completion rates with other courses. You can use this information to determine the best course of action to increase the quality and enrollment of each course.


In addition to this, participants will receive an automated certificate of completion, customizable and secured by a blockchain system certifying their skills learned in your course.

You can measure after any period of time how successful your courses have been, by collecting data on the knowledge retainment of the participants.

This will allow you to assess the real impact of your teaching and share it with your clients to promote transparency and validate their return on investment (ROI).

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