Upgrade your survey system with an automated feedback loop solution

Skill Gap Assessment

Upgrade your system with an innovative and structured assessment which allows you to identify your trainees’ skill gaps and expectations. Record and organize all the information to set the right milestones for your courses.

Real-Time Feedback

Rely on continuous feedback loops to track motivation and engagement of your trainees and help your trainers to promote efficiency, and tailor the course anytime according to their needs.

Overall Evaluation

Get structured dashboards you can rely on to have a complete picture of the courses. Take informed decisions to improve the overall quality by tracking the effectiveness of the training and benchmark against any course that you provide.


Release an automated certificate to give a professional reward that certifies the competences acquired by your trainees and will help you to assist your clients with their employee skills mapping.

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70% time saved

Overview of course efficiency

Improved overall


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    About Wyblo
    Wyblo combines behavioural and data science to create personalised dashboards based on automated constructive feedback loops.

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