Creating feedback loops to improve the quality of education

Wyblo is an EdTech startup that developed a SaaS aimed at creating continuous feedback loops to decrease the dropout rate, increase the number of students at the university level and overall, increase the quality of education. Our vision is: “Empowering education through continuous real-time feedback loops”.


We are approaching decision-makers within universities to propose our solution to them. When they agree, they start with a small pilot to see the product and then decide whether to proceed and expand further the integration (we are currently converting regular testing pilots into institutional pilots and validating the scalability of the platform with five institutions).

August 2020

The team has started to work full-time and live together. This important effort allowed the Beta testing and the subsequent finalisation of the app. During this time period, we have also been admitted to different pre-accelerators and programs (Startup@HSG, Startfeld, Innosuisse, Swiss Ed-tech Collider, Almacube, Swiss Startup Association, Startup Netzwerk Bodensee).

June 2020

We became GDPR compliant and one month later the app was released in the stores.


The project was launched and after a first MVP with high school students, we pivoted towards the university environment.

Wyblo’s team

Kevin Giorgis

CEO & Co-Founder

Giulia Sparisci

Pedagogist Associate

Cesare Gamberi

CDO & Co-Founder

Eleonora Pavan


Vito Mannina

Head of Development

Federico Patanè

Head of Business Operations

Stefano Marchese

Product Developer

Manuel Corato

Market Developer

Benedetta Diegoli

Pedagogist Associate

Wyblo’s network

Wyblo’s advisors

Robert K. Freudinger

Educational Psychologist Advisor

He is the VP of Board Studies & Academic Affairs at the University of St. Gallen where he also covers the role of Educational Psychologist. He provides pedagogical training to professors and program.

Agnis Stibe

Digital Transformation Advisor

He is a 4x TED speaker and a globally recognized corporate consultant and scientific advisor. Professor of Transformation and Academic Director on AI at EM Normandie BS. Paris Lead of Silicon Valley founded Transformative Technology community.

Damir Bogdan

Startup Expert (20 years)

He is the founder of Actvide, consults companies on digitalization and innovation. He is active in Switzerland and in Silicon Valley, mentoring start-ups and organizing strategy workshops for C-Level Executives. He also invests in startups and has multiple board memberships.

International School of Negotiation

ISN was founded to gather unique training in terms of method and model – Negotiation Training Process – based on Negotiation & Human and Life Abilities.

Provide participants will learn a new way of being, a renewed awareness in managing emotions and stressful situations, so to fruitfully confront themselves with others, maintain positive relationships, but above all save assets.

For EITD the individual wellbeing corresponds to the organisations’ wealth in which the individual works and the wealth of the community in which he/she is part of.

EITD is a company that has been designing and implementing training and consultancy interventions since 1994 to encourage the growth and development processes of persons and territories. The ultimate goal is to build and share methods and criteria that can lead the future of a person and an organisation, activating all their potentiality and capabilities.

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a demo

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