Distance Learning: getting where your eyes don’t

Distance Learning: getting where your eyes don’t

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The social distancing needed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus is posing major challenges to the world of higher education. Wyblo is the platform that aims at shortening the distance between students and teachers, facilitating distance learning.

Due to Covid 19, the world of education has been suddenly dragged into a series of necessary changes and innovations, first and foremost represented by the introduction of distance learning, a digital teaching model that allows learning activities to continue in compliance with safety regulations. In these months, many universities around the world are therefore preparing to virtually open the doors of their classrooms. As much as remote learning is necessary, it is also true that this is causing a lot of concern in the minds of both students and professors: the physical absence, the lack of social interaction, the use of different technological tools might detriment the smooth running of educational activities.

On one hand, the range of hypothetical problems is now spreading, on the other hand, the moments of interaction between students and professors are drastically reduced, damaging the quality of communication between the two parties; consequently, there is a growing risk of misunderstanding students, ultimately affecting learning experience. Bearing in mind the challenges that distance learning offers, it is clear that building connections between people (students and professors) have never been so important. Wyblo is the missing link to facilitate Distance Learning and make it more impactful.

Wyblo is an innovative, rapid, and effective platform that aims at improving the quality of education creating a stronger relationship between students, professors, and institutions. At the end of each class, students are asked to answer a short questionnaire. Thanks to a psychological matrix algorithm, the platform transforms the results of the questionnaire in personalized graphs that point out different factors: the interest in the material, the clarity of goals, the degree of exposition to new concepts, the attitude toward the learning process, the sense of control on mastering the material, the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the self-confidence, the social interactions between peers. Both students and professors can easily access these graphs from an app they can download on their phones. Receiving constant updates on the engagement and the motivation of the students, professors can improve the quality of their lessons.

Wyblo can definitely have a great impact on distance learning effectiveness, offering a communication channel to students and professors, and improving the quality of the teaching process.


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